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Welcome to Zoocraft! Build the zoo of your dreams and take care of animals from all around the world! ZooCraft invites you to rescue adorable animals and go on exciting adventures!
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February 4, 2021
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Have you been to a zoo once If so, it’s a good memory? In modern life now, people have the opportunity to contact the natural world, especially the children. They don’t have the chance to leave their smart devices like phones, tablets, and even laptops. However, parents have some ways to know about wildlife. ZooCraft: Animal Family is a product worth trying out. This is a family-friendly game that kids and adults can play in their free time. Parents can also test their children’s experiences through play. This effectively connects a modern family.

Build your own unique zoo
The graphics of the game is a remarkable thing because it is a product of Creative Mobile manufacturer. They always bring the most beautiful and attractive visual design games. This publisher always strives to provide the best core and average games for players. This means that their products can suit everyone, from those who have free time to play games to those who work all day. How their game runs is simple and easy to understand; the elderly and children can enjoy it. ZooCraft: Animal Family has all kinds of animals you want to meet in the zoo. You’ll see elephants, tigers and eagles, carnivores, and even animals eating grass…

This will be a simple simulation game that allows you to build your own zoo. First, everything will be small, simple with a few little rabbit shops and regular animals. After a while, tourists will come and like your service style. If you do well, this zoo will soon gain a reputation. Apparently, this will be good news for you as the money will go up very quickly. Every time you do it after a certain task, apart from a certain amount of money, it gives you experience points. Since players have reached a certain level, ′′ ZooCraft: Animal Family ′′ will allow you to unlock new things. New animals and new buildings.

Managing a zoo is a hard job!
The special thing about ZooCraft: Animal Family, is that it will have a completely different mechanism from the same genre games. This player will be allowed to combine many things to create an upgrade. Did you ever think you’d try to put frogs and turquoise together? The animals that are about to be born will surprise you. Then, with a species you own, they can breed more. Each type will require a suitable habitat. Each habitat will bring some money after the opening time of sightseeing. When they contain more animals, it brings more money. With the initial small kiosks, you’ll make some money. If players open more than the same kiosks, they can pair them to create more advanced things. Then different tasks to take care of your zoo will happen everyday, hourly. Tree pruning, zoo extension, and helping customers, are the little work you have to do. Can you create the largest and most beautiful zoo in the city?

What's new

Love Magic at the Zoo!

Help Samana the Witch make the zoo the most romantic place in the world! Unite lonely hearts and discover the most extraordinary story of ZooCraft. Do not miss it!

• Holiday store with interesting offers!
• A family of White Swans with a unique aviary! Come and see!
• Tons of cute decorations, your visitors will definitely like them!
• Romantic designs for buildings.

Just Zoo it!



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