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Roku and Google hug it out; YouTube app stays and YouTube TV app returns


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Dec 9, 2021
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Update, December 8, 2021: 9:15 AM ET: The crisis for Roku devices users and TV owners has been averted. In a Twitter post, Roku has confirmed that the company has entered into “a multi-year extension with Google.” This will keep the current Roku YouTube app for all users and will restore the previously pulled Roku YouTube TV app, which was no longer available for new customers after April 30. Details about the new agreement were not revealed.

Original story, December 8, 2021: 8:00 AM ET: Starting December 9, 2021, one of the most popular streaming video apps will no longer be available to download for the tens of millions of Roku streaming devices. Unless something changes, the Roku YouTube app will be removed from the Roku Channel Store starting on Thursday.

This comes several months after the Roku YouTube TV app was also removed from the Channel Store. As with that takedown, Roku and YouTube’s owner Google were unable to come to an agreement for a new contract to continue supporting the main YouTube app. In a blog post in October, Roku accused Google of requiring the company to give “preference to YouTube over other content providers” while also “demanding search, voice, and data features that they do not insist on from other streaming platforms.”
Google later sent out its own statement, claiming that “Roku has once again chosen to make unproductive and baseless claims rather than try to work constructively with us.” However, they did state that the Roku YouTube app will continue to work for users who download it before December 9
Read full artice : https://www.androidauthority.com/roku-youtube-3072212/
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