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Reviewing: Under A Falling Star by Jae


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Mar 20, 2022
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Dose a falling start actually make your wishes come true?

So imagine it's your first day at work (and you dread first days because they consist of nothing but bad fortune), and you hear about this absolute horrendous COO who is probably the devil reincarnation, her former Admin supposedly jumped from the window and ended her life. You feel lucky because you are working with her brother and not her, so that's one good point the second is your workmates are a group of friendly people. You enjoyed the first day with them, another point is you got to decorate the Christmas tree with your crafts and ideas, so it's a great first day, after all, it is the one to break your track record of horrible first days right?

Not really because at the end of the day you witness someone messing with the lights on your tree and because of that the star at the top of the tree falls on their head, you rush to their aid and take them to the hospital then spend the night at their place to make sure that they are well not before kissing them after diner and feeling hopeful that you might meet someone to date at work. well, that does not sound that bad you get to meet a sweet woman at work right? that would surely fix the whole "bad first-day" thing, right?

but what if I tell you that this woman is the "absolute horrendous COO" that everybody fears and dislikes and what if I tell you that you would have to find out who she is from another employee nonetheless and after the whole ordeal you'd probably want to forget what happened but this COO won't stop pursuing you.

would you forget and forgive the lie? especially after what your ex has done to you? will you give her a chance? and is a relationship with her worth losing your job or hers?

This is the story of Austen an admin of an international games company and Dee the COO of said company and the niece of the CEO

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes. it's one of the first Jae books I read and is one of the reasons I fell in love with her writings and is a good boss-employee and mild dislike to love relationship
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