Posting Guidelines

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This topic will be about a few guidelines to help members when they post something on a thread. We've noticed a lot of spam, flaming and useless posts so we felt this was necessary to make.

- Spamming -
Please do not spam random text to unlock the hidden content or to gain enough posts to access certain sections. Doing so will lead to the termination of your account.

If you want to unlock the hidden content, write a proper sentence instead of "thx", "ty", "tx", "k", or anything similar. Writing a proper sentence also shows that you appreciate the author's work and inspires the author to continue doing what he/she does. You can always react to the post to reveal the hidden content instead.

- Useful Posts -
It is suggested that once you download or try a cheat. You post on the topic stating whether it worked for you or not. Stating that it works not only helps the site, but it also helps new members who just found the topic and are looking for some sort of proof that it's working. If it didn't work for you, state your reason and everything you did to install or try the cheat. Read "Non-Useful Posts" below for more.

- Non-Useful Posts -
If you're experiencing issues with a certain hack, please don't post just "not working" and expect us to help you. You are giving us no information at all for us to troubleshoot the problem you're experiencing. Instead, you can tell us everything you did to install the hack, whether it installed successfully or not, if you received a popup in-game, add screenshots, detailed errors, any messages, etc. That is how we will be able to help you more efficiently and it will also be useful not only to the staff but also other members who have the same problem as you. They'll be able to find the solution easily rather than posting the same question again & again and the topic owner replying the same answer again & again.

- Flaming & Fighting -
Do not fight or flame with others inside a topic. If you see someone doing something they shouldn't be doing, always use the report button so the staff can handle it.
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