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Share Lily’s Garden v2.27.0 (Unlimited Coins)


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Mar 20, 2022
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Romance? Garden? Puzzle? YUP! Lily's Garden is all that and more.

Renovate the garden and solve tricky puzzles in this relaxing and romantic free match 3 game!

Help Lily restore her great-aunt's garden to its former glory and match flowers to solve explosive puzzles. Immerse yourself in a romantic love story full of twists and turns as Lily interacts with a cast of colorful characters. Match flowers and start transforming your garden - play with themed boosters and renovate areas with dozens of customization options!

Discover hidden corners and choose from hundreds of flowers for your garden decoration project! Sit back, relax and enjoy this puzzle game enriched with a beautiful romantic story! Start your makeover now!

Game features:

- RENOVATE, decorate and expand your garden with unique story-related locations!

Get ready to redesign, rebuild and customize things your way. In Lily's Garden, you'll manage the renovation of several parts of your estate: the facade of your house, the fountains, the ancient lake, the beehives and kennels, and much more! Complete the transformation of the entire garden and get tons of rewards!

- MATCH flowers and solve hundreds of addictive and explosive puzzle levels!

To realize your design ideas you need to use stars. And for that you need to play matching games, of which there are hundreds in Lily's Garden. Lily’s Garden APK is the best choice for those looking for Puzzle, Pair matching, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Offline apps. Some of them can be tricky, but luckily as you play you earn rewards (like boosters!) that can help you overcome these fun yet tricky match 3 puzzles!

- ENJOY plot twists and uncover hidden secrets and mysteries!

Lily's Garden is not only a decoration and matching game, what makes it unique is its exciting story! You will meet and interact with many characters, get ready for the most amazing encounters: from a strange (but cute!) neighbor to new family members and even furry friends!

- EXPLORE the garden with its hidden objects, dozens of flowers and unlock secret areas

The garden you will transform is huge and full of secrets and mysteries! As the game progresses, you can explore new areas, encounter many surprises, and be tasked with solving multiple puzzles!

- RELAX and experience a romantic story with funny and heartfelt dialogues!

Lily's Garden is not only a fun and beautifully designed game, but also a great way to relax! Take a break from your stressful activities and spend time in a soothing world of landscaping and garden decor. Being a hacked app, you might think Lily’s Garden is very hard to install or unsafe, but it's not! Lily’s Garden APK is very easy to install and if you face issues, just reply below and I'll help you. Not only will it be satisfying to revitalize your old family garden, you'll love working with Lily and her many human and animal friends. You will also have a real romance with your neighbors and meet so many quirky characters along the way!

- SPECIAL EVENTS and REWARDS: Participate in daily special events and win awesome rewards! Join tournaments for even bigger payouts.

- MAKE FRIENDS: Join a family to interact and chat with other players and trade lives and game boosters!

The flowers are blooming and Lily's garden is ready for its makeover! Are you ready to decorate and renovate this beautiful garden?

Lily's Garden will be regularly updated with more explosive puzzles and more romantic chapters! Stay tuned for updates and leave us a comment!

MOD Features
Unlimited Coins (Coins increases when spent!)

How to Install
Download the desired APK file and tap on it to install it on your device. Make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!

Download link:
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