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How to Replacement iPhone 13 Pro Max SIM Card


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Dec 8, 2021
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When it comes time to replacing your iPhone's SIM card you'll need to prepare a few tools and materials. You'll need: the SIM card that you're replacing; a paperclip or toothpick if your SIM tray is difficult to remove; an anti-static bag if you want to protect your new SIM card; and a safety pin if you're having trouble removing the tray. Remove the SIM tray from your iPhone If it won't budge use a paper clip or tooth pick (inserted into the hole in the corner of the SIM tray) to push out the tray A safety pin works too! If your SIM tray pops out of its socket when you remove it
How to Replacement iPhone 13 Pro Max SIM Card.jpg

How to open sim card slot iphone 13 pro max​

Step 1:
Use a SIM card ejector tool to gently push down on the SIM tray latch and pop up the tray Be careful not to break it
Step 2: Remove the SIM tray from your iPhone
Step 3: Attach your new SIM card to the tray following the instructions that came with it Save these for future use They are important
Step 4: Put the tray back into your iPhone and press it firmly down until you hear a click
Step 5: Press the Power button and wait for the "Slide to power off" screen to appear Slide your finger across the screen to shut down your iPhone

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