GreenShark Game Turbo | Game Booster v1.1.1 [Premium] APK


Aug 29, 2021
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Boost and Optimize your android device to achieve the best performance with GreenShark Game turbo.

Enjoy the better gaming experience with the newest game booster app GreenShark Game Turbo.
Some of the features in GreenShark :


Displays the available RAM to run the game, and detect app that makes your device slowdown.

Displays the ping (connection latency) your current connection, or lock your network , which is useful for online gaming.

Device temperature
Displays the current temperature of your android device (battery interface).

Memory storage
Monitor your device storage.

Greenshark is equipped with an algorithm to measure / calculate the current performance of your Android device.

Add your favorite game into the futuristic game space.

## FPS MEASUREMENT - experimental
Green Shark is equipped with a feature to measure game FPS, you can activate it in the settings.

You can activate the RGB effect feature so that you look more gamerrrr.

Add Favorite Game
Add your favorite game to GreenShark Game Turbo to optimize its performance to the best performance that your android can achieve

Download Greenshark now, and enjoy the best gaming experience with GreenShark.

Let's add your favorite game to Game space and Gaskeuunnnn ...

Greenshark does not directly speed up your device, it depends on the specifications of your device, but Greenshark will measure and lead your device to better performance for gaming.

What's New
- Fix some bugs.

*Special Features*
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Subscription
  • Optimize Network
  • Enabled Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Show FPS - Exprerimental
  • Unlocked Enable RGB Features
  • Status & Performance Available
  • More Stable Build Apk
  • More Compatible for All Devices
  • Costumize Icon and Special Text By Arcaxia for Leechers
  • CPU Architectures : Universal
  • Total APK Size : 11.4 MB
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