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February 10, 2021
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Overdox is a promising new Battle royale that combines MOBA, the game eliminates PUBG and Fortnite‘s gunfights for a closer-to-close experience, focusing on the short-sighted.

Overdox is a mobile MOBA / Battle Royal game title from Korean developer Haegin, where there are many different champions that you can choose to use for short-sighted battles. This game has been mentioned in the past but is now officially launched globally for Android.

Although the game is actually a literal MOBA title, it’s not the ′′ League of Legends type ′′ that people often relate to. There are 12 players with 12 gladiators known in Overdox, will enter the arena and the other will win.

So it’s almost a hybrid version between MOBA and Battle Royale and totally focused on close-up battles. The games themselves will last about five minutes because it has the entire ongoing miniature circle you’re familiar with from Battle Royale. Overdox allows players to quickly jump into the slash and enjoy the survival genre without spending long in each match. Since there are only 12 players in a match, therefore the map is smaller than any other mobile battle royale game.

Also, since it also has style from MOBA side, you’ll also have a circle of limited vision around your character instead of being able to see the whole map.

You’ll be able to rush in, dodge and as well as attack, so it seems like there’s some thinking, reactive skills to fight beyond simple short-sighted ability. You will use the skills acquired from the battlefield to knock out enemies, some typical skills include variable speed, poison traps,… Even on the map, there will appear some energy columns When captured, you will reduce your enemy’s vision and make them more susceptible to ambush.

In addition to combat, you will also collect and upgrade gear pieces that can increase your attack, defense, stamina, or speed. Wearing the complete kit will give you special effects, weapons can easily upgrade, with each order having its own destructive skills.

There are a lot of monsters scattered on the map that will try to kill you along with 11 other players who will race for your blood. Each unarmed character will be able to choose from a different arsenal of hammers and swords. Similarly, there will be different equipment you can equip them, it will offer various types of buffs such as health boosters. You can also get a drone that will accompany you can provide some perks of support.

If you’re not a competitive person, you can always spend time playing with your friends in Friendly Mode – Friendly Mode.

What's new

▶ Misc.
- Fix game bugs

You can check out the details at the OVERDOX Facebook and at the in-game notice!



Version Size Requirements Date
2020.11.17 b128 64.43 MB Android 4.4 28/11/2020

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