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And thus began the 7th World...
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Smilegate Megaport
January 21, 2021
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If you’re a big fan of anime and manga, now there’s a new mobile game with Epic Seven that will help you get your own world to enjoy. And it was released by the famous Korean publisher Smilegate Megaport for free.
Here’s the turn-on RPG fight, With great graphics and with dynamic combat has very eye-catching effects!

A big plus for this game is the reroll system. The champions you want can get through the rollers, and it’s awesome if you’re a new player who can try it. As well as it helps new players to better understand this game.

When you adventure into the Maze, the Maze is a great opportunity to get your equipment and materials, but in PvE battles, it’s best to choose strong characters with anti-attributes the enemy. And PvP is a great feature with other players and allows you to try your overcoming activities.

The second one is a bit more special, once you reach 1-10, ′′ Selective Summons ′′ is unlocked. Selective Summons is what developers put in as a way for people to ′′ reroll “, the game’s main idea is that you need 10 free to summon, and if you’re not satisfied with the units you’re not satisfied with got from summoning, you’re allowed to ′′ reroll ′′ it, you can do this 30 times! Each transfer will only give you a maximum of 5 stars.

Gameplay của Epic Seven Mobile

This is the turn-on-shoulder game where players assemble a group of heroes and explore the beautiful world in story mode and fight against other players in the arena.

Epic Seven game has over 100 heroes, over 200 monsters, three guardians over 60 artifacts (equip heroes to activate passive skills). In addition to adventure mode and arena, Epic Seven has farm game modes like Maze, the altar of God, challenges, abyss, hunting and more.

It’s nothing special that other games have never done before. Skilled/passive character. All characters have different speed indexes (called Combat Readiness) to determine who attacks first.

There is a mana system of sorts, called soul, that allows character skills to be used by the attack. Skills can be upgraded in many ways and will give more damage, reduce the time of speaking skills, or even treating the whole group.



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