How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

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While Android is still king, iOS is a very important platform and it’s exclusive to IFAN. At some point, you might want to try Apple’s mobile operating system, you just want an extra iPad or something similar. You may want to bring all of your contacts with you, though, but keep in mind these are two completely different backgrounds.

This is certainly not the same as switching between two Android devices, which can be easily synced through Google’s servers. It should also be noted that transferring contacts is not too difficult. There are many ways to share information between an Android phone and an iPhone. In this post, will share with you the best possible directory moves.

Use the Move to iOS app
Did you know Apple has apps for Android in the Google Play Store? Yes, it’s Move to iOS, one of the few Apple apps on the Google storefront, along with Beats and Apple Music.

Move to iOS was created to help Android users switch to iOS. The app certainly does more than advertised, and it’s really good. It can move contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, email accounts and calendars to any iOS device.

When you’re ready to transfer all your data, your iPhone or iPad will simply connect to the Wi-Fi network and find your Android device. Enter the security code and the process will begin. Simple than ever

Use Google sync

While Apple doesn’t have a tradition of supporting Android users, Google is quite the opposite. Most of the search giant’s services and features work very well on iPhones, and retrieving contacts from their servers is no exception.

Remember that this only works if you have synced your contacts with your Google account. Some devices don’t do that by default. If you’ve linked all of your contacts to Google’s servers, it’s easy to transfer contacts.

Just unlock your iPhone and go to Settings> Passwords and Accounts (Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars on older devices). From there, enter your Gmail account and make sure the Contacts Checker is enabled. Done!

Manually transfer using a VCF file
There are also many ways to manually transfer your contacts from Android to an iOS device. You can create a VCF file, transfer it to your iPhone and then simply open it to get all your contact data. The process is simpler than it might seem; See the instructions below to see how.

Unlock your Android device and access the Contacts app.
Press the menu button (three dots) and select Import/export> Export to memory.
This will create a VCF file and save it on your phone.
Download this file on your iPhone. I love sending it to myself via email that’s synced to my iOS device (simple, fast, and no cables required).
Open the file and the iOS device will prompt you to add all contacts.
Follow the steps and be on your way. Your contacts have been transferred!

Use your SIM card

Another way to transfer your contacts from Android to iOS is by using a smartphone’s nano-SIM card. This is useful if you have problems with your Google account, are offline, or don’t want Google to join for any reason.

To transfer your contacts to a SIM card from an Android phone, you need to first access the contacts app on your phone. This process is slightly different depending on the phone company. For example, Huawei users should choose Settings> Import / export> Export to SIM card. Meanwhile, Samsung users should tap Manage Contacts> Import / Export Contacts> Export> SIM Card.

Once you’ve inserted your Android phone’s SIM card into your iPhone and turn it on, you’ll need to tap Settings> Contacts> Import SIM Contacts to initiate the transfer. Your contacts will then be saved on your iPhone in Contacts.

Use third-party apps
If you run into problems with all the other available solutions, then some third-party apps can facilitate the process of transferring contacts to iPhone. One of my favorite apps is Copy My Data (Android / iOS). Try it!

There are many ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.With the ways that suggests to help you transfer your contacts from android to iOS without too much difficulty, is happy to be able to help you in the process. operating system converter. The process isn’t quite that simple, but you can certainly do any of these without too much effort or research.

Which method do you prefer? I’m someone who likes to use my Google account to transfer everything I can, including contacts.

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