How to play the game Coin Master effectively for beginners

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Coin Master is an extremely attractive mobile game, so what makes Coin Master attractive?
With an impressive graphic design, the Game is designed with many attractive features along with interesting gameplay that is the “key” to the success of the hot 2012 mobile game. With building your kingdom by Plow smartly to be able to rule, players must also have the most effective Coin Master tips below:

Send 5 cards / day

Collecting cards in this game is not difficult, although the system is limited to 5 cards/day for this casual game, however, donating more than 5 cards by circumventing the rules is completely simple because when playing coin master, anyone wanting to send more cards and get the help of other players in return.
To send out more than 5 cards/day, you need to immediately perform a trick is “change phone” another. This is a small tip for the coin master player that is really effective that many gamers apply and succeed. In 24 hours you can send 5 more cards to gamers who are in need of support. Alternatively, you can delete the game and reload it

Steal gold skillfully

Participating in gold theft is an extremely attractive task for gamers in Coin Master. To be able to steal a lot of gold, gamers need to have their own tips, with gamers sticking to this game for a long time to share, to effectively steal gold, you should use 2 fingers.
When you get the pig face in Spin, then for sure you will get some money. You will receive more digs at your friends’ homes, but not always 3 spins will hit

Take part in the betting

You get a lot of spins in the game, use it wisely. Wager on every 2-3 spins to get back from bets this bet can be increased by 2 – 3
The more turns you get, the higher you get, for coin master gamers it is a super bet. Perfect is when you get the pig face icon because then you can steal your friends’ gold, Super Bet is not turned on when you have no more spins and then you will only get up to 3 times instead of getting the X5, or X10

Never miss free spins

The attraction of the coin master is the Spin bonus feature, in addition to completing the game’s missions, getting more Spin free is a way to increase your chances through many ways such as making friends

By inviting new players, you will receive additional free spins and thereby increase your chances in the game. This is the most effective way to play coin master that most veteran gamers already know

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