Among Us banned a player from intentionally escaping a battle

December 17, 2020 apktab No Comments

Among Us will prohibit players from voluntarily exiting the game, although the ban is short but has a cumulative effect, so if you quit the game many times, the amount of time will increase.

And an important information that is Among Us has begun to prohibit players from intentionally escaping the battle. This feature has been around for a while, although no one really noticed.

You must have seen other players leave the battle as soon as they knew you were not an Imposter. Becoming a rogue can give players a more fun and enjoyable experience, but if you are Crewmate and leave the battle and everyone thinks so, how many people will Crewmate face?

How long can you ban Among Us players from deliberately leaving the game?

PickledKoolaid user on Reddit recently had a photo shared from Sportkeeda. In the picture, we can see that the user can be banned for 5 minutes.

The paragraph is short but extremely powerful, informing gamers if trying to exit the game will be banned for 5 minutes for deliberately disconnecting from the game. This method of punishment has been around for a while, but gamers have only seen many ban notices recently. Perhaps implying that some gamers intentionally quit the game when they are not Impostors.

Only 5 minutes is not enough to “deter” gamers deliberately exit the game. But sometimes 5 minutes cumulative will cause many players to increase the waiting time to re-enter the game. Hopefully players who want to play the role of Impostor will give up the idea of leaving the game as soon as he knows he is Crewmate, avoiding affecting other players.

Unlike other games such as exchanging rewards for gamers with items, titles. Among Us can not do this, you only have the biggest reward in the game, which is to chase all Impostors out of the map or destroy all Crewmates to win, that is already a reward.

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